What is plush toy and how to choose your favorite toy?

Plush toy is a toy made of plush fabric, pp cotton and other textile materials as the main fabric and filled with various fillings inside. It can also be called soft toy, stuffed toy (stuffed toy), Some places like my country's Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao regions are called "plush dolls". At present, we habitually refer to the plush toy industry as plush toys.

Plush toys have the characteristics of realistic and cute shape, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, easy to clean, strong decoration, high safety, and widely applicable to a wide range of people. Therefore, plush toys are good choices for children's toys, house decoration and gift giving.

Plush toys are classified into the following four categories according to the characteristics of the product:

1. According to the production characteristics of plush toys, the products basically have fillers, so it can be generally said that plush toys and cloth toys are referred to as stuffed toys

2. According to whether it is filled or not, it can be divided into stuffed toys and non-filled toys.

3. Stuffed toys are divided into plush stuffed toys, velvet stuffed toys, and plush stuffed toys according to the appearance and use.

4. According to the appearance of the toy, it can be divided into stuffed animal toys, equipped with high-intelligence electronics, movement, audio animal toys or dolls, gift toys for various festivals

According to consumer preferences, plush toys have the following popular categories:

1. According to the shape source of plush toys, it is divided into animal plush toys and cartoon character plush toys.

2. According to the length of plush toys, plush toys are divided into plush toys and super soft short plush toys.

3. According to the names of animals that people love, they are divided into plush teddy bears, plush toy teddy bears, etc.

4. According to the different fillers of plush toys, they are divided into PP cotton plush toys and foam particle toys.


How to choose your favorite plush toys?

Plush toys are one of the favorite toys for children and young people. However, seemingly beautiful things may also contain dangers. Therefore, while we are happy, we should think that safety is our biggest priority. wealth! It is especially important to choose a good plush toy product. The following are my personal insights in work and life:

1. First, it is clear which age group needs people, and then buy different toys according to different age groups, mainly considering safety and practicality.

For example, children from zero to one year old should not buy toys with prints or paints. The organic substances in the dye may cause skin allergies; children under the age of three should not buy toys with small objects that are easy to fall off, because children Without awareness of danger, small objects may be bitten off and eaten into the mouth, causing the risk of suffocation; all purchased toys must not have a rope loop that can be put over the baby's head to avoid the danger of being caught around the neck. If there is any, you can do it yourself Secure with a pin.

2. Whether the material used for the outer cloth is hygienic or not, it is divided into high and low grades of raw materials, long and short plush (dentex yarn, plain yarn) velvet, plush TIC cloth, etc., which is an important factor in determining the price of a toy. The sellers are shoddy and deceive consumers.

3. Look at the stuffing of plush toys, which is another important factor affecting the price of toys. Good filling cotton is all PP cotton, just like the nine-hole pillow core in the supermarket, it feels good and even. Poor filling cotton is black heart cotton, which has poor hand feeling and is dirty.

4. Whether the fixed parts are firm (the standard requires 90N force) and have edge thorns. Whether the moving parts are too small to prevent children from accidentally entering the mouth when playing, which will cause danger. Otherwise, the color will be different under the sun, and the hair direction will be opposite, which will affect the appearance.

5. Good workmanship is one of the important factors in the quality and value of toys. It is impossible to imagine how good a rough-made toy will be. Carefully check whether the sewing thread of the toy is fine and tight, whether the handwork is beautiful and firm, observe whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the left and right body positions are symmetrical, whether the backlog of hands is soft and fluffy, whether the sewing of each part is firm, and whether the toy accessories are scratched or incomplete.

6. Check whether there are trademarks, brands, safety signs, manufacturer's mailing address, etc., and whether the binding is firm.

7. Check the internal and external packaging, whether the signs are consistent, and whether the moisture-proof performance is good. If the inner packaging is a plastic bag, there must be air holes if the opening size exceeds a certain range to prevent children from suffocating by mistake.

8. Purchase knowledge in details:

eyes looking at toys.

The eyes of high-quality plush toys are very bright, deep, and very energetic. With high-end crystal eyes, I feel that I can communicate with them. The eyes of inferior toys are pitch-black, rough, dull, and lifeless, and some toys even have bubbles in the eyes.

Look at the nose and mouth of the toy.

Among plush toys, there are several kinds of animal noses, including foreskin, hand-sewn with thread, and plastic. A good leather nose is made of high-quality leather or artificial leather, and the nose is plump and delicate. The low-quality nose leather is very rough and the filling is not plump enough. Noses made of thread are available as padded or unpadded, as well as silk, wool, and cotton. A good seam nose is very finely crafted and neatly arranged. However, there are many small workshop-style factories, and the workers do not have formal training, and the workmanship is very poor. The pros and cons of plastic noses. It depends on their workmanship and molds are good or bad. Because the quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the nose.

Materials for palms and soles

The materials used for palms and soles are also very particular. When buying, pay special attention to its sewing techniques, whether its workmanship is fine, and whether the materials used for palms and soles are coordinated with the main body.


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